miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

La limpieza continúa / The cleanup continues.

Ayer el trabajo de limpieza continuó. El turno era de un montón de cocos acumulados que definitivamente tenían que ser sacados. Sobre 300 cocos ademas de las hojas de palma y hojarasca acumulada se removió.
Yesterday, the cleanup work continued. The shift was a pile of coconuts accumulated that definitely had to be removed. Over 300 coconuts in addition to the palm leaves and leaf litter accumulated was removed.

Mucho mejor. Ahora que todo está limpio, puedo continuar con el acondicionamiento o arreglo del terreno. Estoy en espera de un camión de tierra para utilizarla en los lugares donde se necesite además de usarla para las plantas que estaré sembrando.
Much better. Now that everything is clean, I can continue with the conditioning or settlement of the land. I am waiting for a truck of land for use in places where it is needed in addition to using it for plants to be planted.

Quiero agradecer a Julio, quien desde temprano me ayudó en la fiesta de los cocos.
I want to thank Julio, who early on helped me in the feast of coconuts.

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this too will pass dijo...

a great idea; I hope lots of birds vist

Julito dijo...
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Julito dijo...

Jey y yo ,llegue tarde pero tambien ayude.

Lisa at Greenbow dijo...

My gosh Gabriel, I wouldn't know what to do with 300 coconuts. What did you do with them??

Your garden is looking like a blank canvas just ready to be painted. I can't wait to see a picture or two of your birds on your blog.

beckie dijo...

Gabriel, I come to you via Lisa at Greenbow. She has wonderful things to say about you. Your back yard is a mess, but I can sse you are making progress. The thing I do notice is that you have wonderful bones or structure already there. With a lot of clean up and some major plantings(all of which take time) you will have a beautiful place for your birds. Good luck on getting your certificate.

shirl dijo...

Hi there Gabriel :-)

As Lisa says, it looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you there!

I will look forward with great interest at the birds you will attract to your garden and the ways and the foods that you will use to do so! I am also looking forward to seeing your bird photos :-D

Dee/reddirtramblings dijo...

So many coconuts. I love coconut milk and use it all the time because I can't drink regular milk. However, 300? Yikes. Lisa, our friend from Greenbow, let us know about your endeavors. Congratulations and keep up the good work.~~Dee

Gabriel dijo...

-Julio's son help me too. Thanks Julito.
-I have a very good idea what i'll be planting here. You all from US may have see some of the plants and some not, i'll try to find all the names to give it to you all.
-The 300 coconuts have no use, because they spend a lot of time on the ground. The "municipality" (is it correct?)take them all.
-I try to make the backyard for the birds and when i have made it i'll figure how to take the pictures from a blind.
- It's a lot of work... to make the Birds Backyard.

verobirdie dijo...

Hi Gabriel, Lisa sent me to your blog and your garden. My gosh, you already did a lot of work!
I'll love to follow your progress because I'm in France and will certainly see beautiful plants I don't know. And birds too.
In addition, as you write in both languages, I may progress a little bit in Spanish...

Ewa dijo...

Hi, just came from Lisa at Greebow :) you are on the good way :) love the bird pic in the header!

Rose dijo...

Good morning, Gabriel! I found your blog through Lisa at Greenbow. I don't envy you all the preparation work you have to do, but it looks like you have accomplished a great deal already. Good luck in your quest to make a bird sanctuary--we'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.

Q dijo...

Dear Gabriel,
I am so happy to meet you. Lisa was kind to link you so her friends could find you.
I am a backyard naturalist and a photographer. I garden for the birds and bees and butterflies. Sometimes I even have a bite for the supper table. I sit outside with all my bird friends and I take bird protraits!(Bee and butterfly photographs too when ever possible.) The birds seem to like the sound of the camera!
I love the clean sweep and starting over. You will be able to design each spot and plant just for the birds and maybe the bees and butterflies?
The coconuts would be seed starting pots at my house! LOL
Enjoy the process.
Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

RuthieJ dijo...

Way to go Gabriel! I certified my backyard with NWF years ago and all the hard work was worth it. I'm glad you're taking the time to document your progress in photographs, because you will be amazed in a couple of years at the wonderful habitat your backyard has become.

Gabriel dijo...

I first want to thanks Lisa to share my blog with all of you guys. Welcome to Birds Backyard. Thanks for the comments, that give me some extra support to make the backyard ready for the birds. For sure i'll visit all of your blogs later.

Gabriel dijo...

Ewa- Its an Adelaides Warbler endemic from here, Puerto Rico. Later i'll talk about our birds.
Sherry- For sure ill plant not just for birds.
RuthieJ- You can be my coach. Can you?
Vero- Thanks for your visit from France. That's nice.

Layanee dijo...

Welcome to the blogging world. It will be a pleasure to watch your bird friendly backyard come to life with the music and color of our feathered friends.

Julito dijo...


Chandramouli S dijo...

Hi Gabriel,
I came over here from Greenbow's blog and I should thank her for it. I see you have a great place to start with. Good luck with your soon-to-be-gorgeous garden. I'm sure you'd attract hordes of birds to it. Curious and excited to see more updates from you.

Deb dijo...

Hi Gabriel
Your friend Lisa posted a link on her blog so we could visit you. I think it is wonderful that you are turning your backyard into a haven for the birds! I look forward to seeing all your hard work turning into the backyard of your dreams.

Mel dijo...

¿Qué hiciste con tantos cocos?? jajaja...

Me encantaría tener un gran jardín donde las aves y mariposas fueran visitantes asiduos... por ahora no es posible, espero que tu sueño se cumpla (así sentiré que el mío se cumplió un poquito)


Shady Gardener dijo...

You will be glad you've taken these "before" photographs, as you'll appreciate the stages you've gone through to get to where you'll be able to really enjoy your Birds' Backyard!. Your header photo is beautiful. :-) (I'm here because of Lisa, also. I'll be back to enjoy your progress!)

Lista de aves de Birds Backyard / Birds Backyard birds list

  • Carpintero de Puerto Rico / Melanerpes portoricensis / Puerto Rican Woodpecker
  • Golondrina de Iglesias / Progne dominicensis / Caribbean Martin
  • Gorrión Canela / Lonchura punctulata / Nutmeg Mannikin
  • Gorrión Doméstico / Passer domesticus / House Sparrow
  • Gorrión Negro / Tiaris bicolor / Black-faced Grassquit
  • Guaraguao Colirrojo / Buteo jamaicensis / Red-tailed Hawk
  • Mozambique / Quiscalus niger / Greater Antillean Grackle
  • Perico Monje / Myiopsitta monachus / Monk Parakeet
  • Pitirre / Tyrannus dominicensis / Gray Kingbird
  • Reina Mora / Spindalis portoricensis / Puerto Rican Spindalis
  • Reinita Común / Coereba flaveola / Bananaquit
  • Reinita Galana / Dendroica discolor / Prairie Warbler
  • Rolita / Columbina passerina / Common Ground-Dove
  • Ruiseñor / Mimus polyglottos / Northern Mockingbird
  • Tórtola Aliblanca / Zenaida asiatica / White-winged Dove
  • Tórtola Collarina / Streptopelia roseogrisea / African Collared-Dove
  • Zumbador Dorado / Anthracothorax dominicus / Antillean Mango

Plantas en Birds Backyard / Plants on Birds Backyard

  • Rosa del desierto / Adenium obesum

Orchids (I'll do my best on id)

Dendrobium anosmum
Tolumnia variegata

Fruit, vegetables and comestible plants

Carambola / Star Fruit / Averrhoa carambola
China / Orange
Plátano / Plantain
Guineo / Banana
Limón / Lemon
Tomate / Tomatoes