sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

Dia de pajarear / Birding day

Hoy era el día programado para la "bandada" para observar aves de la Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña de la cual soy miembro y pertenezco a la directiva.
Con pronóstico de lluvia en el panorama, nos adentramos en la Finca Román en San Sebastián, PR, para una mañana de observación de aves. Un riachuelo junto a una gran cantidad de vacas que pastaban en el húmedo pasto al amanecer dan la bienvenida. Eran las 7:45am cuando comenzamos. Había un caballo que además de mansa, sintió curiosidad por nuestras cámaras e insistía en colocarse en medio.
Disfrutamos de la belleza y frescura de las montañas junto con las aves. Hablamos de plantas, árboles y por supuesto, aves. Logramos divisar alrededor de 26 especies de aves, entre ellas endémicas, nativas y migratorias. Estas son dos fotos tomadas durante el recorrido. No fué un dia muy productivo en cuanto a cantidad de fotos.

Today was the day scheduled for the "flock" to bird watch on the Puerto Rican Ornithological Society of which I am a member and belong to the directive.
With rain forecast in the picture, we are entering the Finca Roman in San Sebastian, PR, for a morning of birding. A creek next to a large number of cows that graze on the wet grass at dawn they welcome. It was 7:45 a.m. when we started. There's a horse that in addition to gentle, felt curious about our cameras and insisted placed in the middle of the "shot".
We enjoy the beauty and freshness of the mountains along with the birds. We talk about plants, trees and of course, birds. We managed to see some 26 species of birds, including endemic, native and migratory. These are two photos taken during the tour. Was not a very productive day in terms of the number of photos.

Falcón Común ó Cernícalo Americano / Falco sparverius caribaearum
Cuando intentabamos fotografiarlo era cuando el caballo intentaba interponerse entre nosotros y el ave.
American Kestrel / Falco sparverius caribaearum
When trying to photograph it was when the horse was trying to stand between us and the bird.

Zumbador Verde ó Mango Verde / Anthracothorax viridis
Uno de los dos zumbadores endémicos de Puerto Rico. En verdad que fue una sorpresa lo cerca que se mantuvo de nosotros. ¡Un ave maravillosa!
Green Mango / Anthracothorax viridis
One of the two hummingbirds endemic to Puerto Rico. In truth it was a surprise how close it was kept from us. A wonderful bird!

10 comentarios:

Chandramouli S dijo...

Hi Gabriel,
Is that a Parrot or a Parakeet? Looks cute. Just curious, do hummingbirds survive in tropical climates? If they do I'd like to buy a few for my garden... You got any idea? Is it wise to do so?

Shady Gardener dijo...

Gabriel, What is the kestrel standing on? The hummingbird is beautiful. We have only one variety that is native to our area (Ruby throated hummingbird).

Lisa at Greenbow dijo...

Sounds like you had fun Gabriel. Where is the horse? Did you get a picture of it?

I sort of giggled when you said that you felt that 75F was chilly. I think that quite warm, especially now.

Gabriel dijo...

-Hi Chandramouli. It's a American Kestrel a kind of falcon. About the hummingbirds. You can only find them in the new world. North America, Central America and South America and for sure in the caribbean islands like here, Puerto Rico.
-Shady, that is where that tree have the seeds. The tree name is Tulipán Africano(spanish)African Tulip Tree or Fountain Tree (english) and scientific name is Spathodea campanulata. This tree have an orange-red flower that form a "cup" that acumulate water. For some birds is a good source of water and for other "nectar".
-Lisa, beleive or not my other camera is out of power when that happen. I'm sure one of the other guys have one and later i'll put it here.

Julito dijo...

Si estoy con Lisa quiero ver el caballo. jajajaja

verobirdie dijo...

Hummingbirds, I dream to see one for real, but we don't ahve them here. Thank you for the pic.

Deb dijo...

What a beautiful picture of the hummingbird!

Barbara dijo...

I found you via Lisa at Greenbow and am delighted to see all the various birds you have in your country (so different to mine!). It is also a pleasure to read your blog in Spanish, a language I learnt many years ago and which needs some freshing up!

Mel dijo...

¡Qué preciosidad de aves!
Lovely hummingbird shot!
Too bad about that horse getting in the middle... although no pic of it?! jajaja

Anónimo dijo...

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