viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Martin's House

Español- Saludos. Se que hace mucho tiempo no publico nada sobre mi Birds Backyard. Quiero que sepan que pronto se llevarán una sorpresa. Solo deseaba que supieran que el proyecto sigue. Mientras, disfruten de mi creación, una casa para golondrinas. Hasta pronto.
English- Hello friends. I know it have been long time since my last post about my Birds Backyard. For sure i'll give you a big surprise. I want to let you know the plan continues. Meanwhile (i write it correct?) enjoy my creation, a Martin's House. Talk to you soon.

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Chandramouli S dijo...

Wow Gabriel! It's been really long! How you doing? I guess you were busy creating your new garden... I'm excited to see the progress. And I'm sure your house is gonna delight some winged friends

Lisa at Greenbow dijo...

The Martin house looks great Gabriel. We have a couple of Martin houses out too. Are the martins at your place yet? We don't expect Martins here until March.

The resident birds are beginning to sing their morning songs. It feels like spring. The snow is melting.

I can't wait to see what you are doing in your garden.

Anónimo dijo...


I so glad you have time to make a new entry on your blog. I know you have been very busy. We all are anxious to see more enteries showing your progress.

Your martin house looks like the ones Lisa put up last yer. We are hoping to get some residents other than House Sparrows this year. I wonder what kind of martins you get there.


Lisa at Greenbow dijo...

This looks like our Martin Houses. I wish you luck. We had some look at our houses last year but they didn't stay. Hopefully they will this year.

While in Texas we saw our first Purple Martin. Do you have any yet?

Gabriel dijo...

Hi to all

Purple Martins are not a resident is a migrant who mix with other martins. We have one: Caribbean Martin. This one is similar to Purple and have white all under the bird. The martins are here in the neigbor for about 3 weeks and i'm still looking for the first one who just stop by.
There's Swallows and maybe another Martin, but i'm do this now for the Caribbean Martin.

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