miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Back home...

Hi all! Back home I have work to do on the backyard. The "humans" part is almost complete. In this pics you can see the before end it.
Talk tomorrow. Good night.

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Lisa at Greenbow dijo...

Your new patio is going to be so pretty when it is finished. I really like the stone work. It is beautiful.

Springman dijo...

Wonderful shots!
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Lista de aves de Birds Backyard / Birds Backyard birds list

  • Carpintero de Puerto Rico / Melanerpes portoricensis / Puerto Rican Woodpecker
  • Golondrina de Iglesias / Progne dominicensis / Caribbean Martin
  • Gorrión Canela / Lonchura punctulata / Nutmeg Mannikin
  • Gorrión Doméstico / Passer domesticus / House Sparrow
  • Gorrión Negro / Tiaris bicolor / Black-faced Grassquit
  • Guaraguao Colirrojo / Buteo jamaicensis / Red-tailed Hawk
  • Mozambique / Quiscalus niger / Greater Antillean Grackle
  • Perico Monje / Myiopsitta monachus / Monk Parakeet
  • Pitirre / Tyrannus dominicensis / Gray Kingbird
  • Reina Mora / Spindalis portoricensis / Puerto Rican Spindalis
  • Reinita Común / Coereba flaveola / Bananaquit
  • Reinita Galana / Dendroica discolor / Prairie Warbler
  • Rolita / Columbina passerina / Common Ground-Dove
  • Ruiseñor / Mimus polyglottos / Northern Mockingbird
  • Tórtola Aliblanca / Zenaida asiatica / White-winged Dove
  • Tórtola Collarina / Streptopelia roseogrisea / African Collared-Dove
  • Zumbador Dorado / Anthracothorax dominicus / Antillean Mango

Plantas en Birds Backyard / Plants on Birds Backyard

  • Rosa del desierto / Adenium obesum

Orchids (I'll do my best on id)

Dendrobium anosmum
Tolumnia variegata

Fruit, vegetables and comestible plants

Carambola / Star Fruit / Averrhoa carambola
China / Orange
Plátano / Plantain
Guineo / Banana
Limón / Lemon
Tomate / Tomatoes